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I am french, born in Nice in the beautiful south of France. I moved to London in 2002 to finish my studies and start my working life and have been a Londoner since.

I am an artist and a mother and the 2 are intertwined in every way. The emotional journey of being a mother and going through some difficult times has led me to pick up my pencils and paint again after so many years being left aside.

Immersing myself in painting has been an eye opening experience and a real life line in challenging times in my life. Art is survival and therapy, and as Picasso said “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” 

My paintings are a reflection of the current state of mind I am in and are purely instinctive. 

From landscapes to portraits, collages to abstract expressionism, my style is varied, can feel disruptive or calm, a reflection of who I am. The less I overthink a piece, the more it represents the essence of my emotions. I let the tools and my heart guide the direction my art will go. 

My first love is drawing with charcoal, pencils and sepia. There is something quite sensory about drawing as detail and patience are key to make a drawing come to life. Painting has been a welcome discovery opening up a whole new world of colours, textures, tools and media. I like textures so I was drawn to mixed media instantly. Collages, thick paints, drips, drops, splashes, digging into piles of books and magazines and paper textures collected over time, using household items to paint with, having more flexibility with movement and working on different scales. Endless possibilities.


Hope you enjoy looking through my gallery and feel free to share and contact me for any details.




* The Hogarth Health Club Christmas exhibition - Airdale Avenue - Chiswick W42NW - London

​* Artists at home LIVE online auction for the Upperroom charity | 16 - 27 November 2022

* W4 Art group Christmas art and design fair - 18-19 November - St Alban's church, Chiswick W45LG - London

* Artists at Home 2022 online all year round 

* Artists at home Open Studio |  17 - 19 June 2022 - STUDIO 58


* Artists at Home 2021 online all year round 

​* Artists at home LIVE online auction for the Upperroom charity | 17 - 28 November 2021


* Featured in British Tatler  January 2022

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